EmbedTweet Provides A Super Easy Way To Embed Tweets Into Your Site

Introducing the feature Twitter.com forgot!

EmbedTweet makes it easy to embed tweets into your website. Include one piece of code and all your tweet-links will automatically be converted into interactive representations of the actual tweet. It's like YouTube's video embed for tweets!
Nowadays, a lot of online conversations happen on Twitter and weblogs and for a good reason: it's free, easy and can target a large audience. Yet, linking these two media isn't always as easy.


It's easy to link to a blog post in your tweet, but there's no hassle-free doing it the other way around: linking to a tweet in your blog post. Most people either settle with a screenshot, which makes for a tedious task and denies the reader of interacting with the tweet. Other people just quote it and link to the actual tweet, which makes the quote look like any other quote, denies the reader of interacting with it and hides contextual information (e.g. when the tweet was posted and who the author is).


Now there's finally a much better way! EmbedTweet.
EmbedTweet is a simple piece of JavaScript that you can include on your website, that converts all links that link to a tweet-page into a nice visual representation of the actual tweet. It looks like what you would get if you took a screenshot, but it still provides all the interactive functionality such as retweeting, replying, visiting the author's profile, etc. It even updates the time the tweet was created.


Getting started
Installing EmbedTweet is super-easy. Just download the WordPress plugin you can find on our site. If you aren't using WordPress you can install the code manually as well.


EmbedTweet is a free service. To cover server cost we might at one point in time ask for voluntary donations or we might offer a premium-plan for heavy-users.


In the future EmbedTweet will add extra functionality such as detailed statistics, easier customization and integration with several Twitter-related services.


Writing about EmbedTweet?
Be sure to try out the service and include an example for your readers.
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"EmbedTweet is the best way to show your sources on Twitter." Jero Kühne, MultiMediator
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About EmbedTweet

EmbedTweet is a super-easy way to embed tweets in your website. It's much faster than taking and cropping a screenshot. Also, it keeps the tweet interactive so your readers can easily retweet it or reply to the original author.