Embedding Tweets Done RIGHT, with EmbedTweet

Third party developer shows how it's done.

Today, Twitter unveiled their service called 'Blackbird Pie', which should make it easy for anyone to quote tweets in their weblog. Not so much. It stills requires going to another site to get the HTML. Fortunately a third party developer decided to create his own solution, which allows for automatic(!) including of tweets.
EmbedTweet is a simple piece of JavaScript that you can include on your website, which will convert all links that link to a tweet-page into a nice visual representation of the actual tweet. It looks like what you would get if you took a screenshot, but it still provides all the interactive functionality such as retweeting, replying, visiting the author's profile, etc. It even updates the time the tweet was created.

You only include it once, then every time you link to a tweet it will automatically be converted to an embedded tweet.


Getting started
Installing EmbedTweet is super-easy. Just download the WordPress plugin you can find on the site. If you aren't using WordPress you can install the code manually as well.

Don't want to auto-embed all tweets?
No problem! Just turn off automatic embedding and apply a class to every link you do want to include.

Tumblr support
Unlike Blackbird Pie, EmbedTweet works for Tumblr as well!

EmbedTweet is a free service. To cover server cost we might at one point in time ask for voluntary donations or we might offer a premium-plan for heavy-users.


In the future EmbedTweet will add extra functionality such as detailed statistics, easier customization and integration with several Twitter-related services.


Writing about EmbedTweet?
Be sure to try out the service and include an example for your readers.
"It provides all the interactive functionality such as retweeting and replying." Marc Köhlbrugge, Founder EmbedTweet
"If you want to quote / embed tweets on WordPress, try @EmbedTweet. Came out a month ago...much simpler than new Twitter tool." Ken Yarmosh, Mobile Product Guy and user of EmbedTweet
"zOmg!! EmbedTweet is teh awsumest way to embed EPIC tweets into yur website!" Stefan Borsje, Co-founder at PressDoc
About EmbedTweet

EmbedTweet is a super-easy way to embed tweets in your website. It's much faster than taking and cropping a screenshot. Also, it keeps the tweet interactive so your readers can easily retweet it or reply to the original author.